Friday, July 13, 2012

Announcement: A Change of Heart and Mind

There was a conflict inside my heart and mind. I didn't understand it until now.

When I started the Daily Snacks for the Soul blog way back in 2010, my main purpose was to serve the Lord, to give glory and honor to Him, in what little talent He gave in writing. However, along the way I got derailed. (By who? I'm have a very good idea whom to point my finger at.) Instead of focusing on Him I started to venture to other topics such as success, psychology, and creative writing. There is nothing wrong with these topics; these have there own place in this world. The problem was that these took away the focus from the supposedly main focus of this blog...God.

So the unspoken question really was whether I serve the Lord or I serve myself in my write ups. I didn't realize this fully until this morning. The change was subtle and slow. Now, with God's help, I finally see it.

With that being said, I apologize to my God, and to you who has followed this blog and got confused, too. Like you I was confused, too.

Today I am rededicating this blog to the Lord. I can't really make a promise since I am not superhuman; like you, I am prune to making mistakes and repeating them at times -- but isn't this the reason why we cling to our Lord in the first place? Anyway, let me say this: "From now on I will strive that in everything that I will write here, the spotlight will be on Him and Him alone." And all the glory and honor should be to Him, the author and finisher of our faith.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

PS: Please include me in your prayers that I might not be derailed again. Please pray also for my family for more blessings, guidance and protection. You will also be in my prayers. God bless and thank you.

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