Friday, April 29, 2011

The Puppet Master and the Unsuspecting Puppets

Jesus answered them, "“Most certainly I tell you, everyone who commits sin is the bondservant of sin.  -- John 8:34

One of my all time favorite movies is the Sound of Music. It is such a beautiful movie and has all the ingredients of a great movie -- romance, drama, suspense, comedy, and wonderful music.

One of the scenes that I'd like to point out, not only because it is good to the eyes and ears but also it drives home my point, is the puppet show. In this scene Maria (Julie Andrews) and the Von Trapp children play puppet masters. They made the puppets act and dance while they sing wonderfully. It was such a beautiful scene that can capture the heart of any unsuspecting move-goers.

In real life, more often than not, we are unsuspecting puppets playing the whims not of the gentle and talented Maria, but that of an evil Puppet Master. And he is not serenading us, rather he is constantly cursing us. This Puppet Master is called the devil and he is for real. The main reason a lot of us ignore him is because we cannot see him in the form that many of us expected -- two horns, bloodshot eyes, bat-winged, arrow-pointed tail, charcoal dark skin and carrying a trident. The truth is he wants us to be oblivious of him so that he can carry out his spiritual attacks to his clueless victims undetected.    

So how does he works? First, he will try to snag us by tempting us to commit a single sin. Think of one sin as equal to one attached line or string. Second, he will try to tempt us to sin some more. More sins mean more strings of control. Then, once we are snagged by many lines, the Puppet Master will then try to make us an agent of his evil plans of destruction towards our fellow men and women. Get the picture? Think of a person deeply addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, etc. Does he or she bring good tidings to people around him or her? Most likely he is oozing with evil intent.

But before you press that 'condemn them' button let me point out two things: (1) they are just victims of the evil Puppet Master (2) the Puppet Master is about to snag a line on you; press that button and your snagged.

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