Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Locked Secret Room Inside our Head (2)

As a teenager, I was already very fascinated with how man thinks and arrives at a decision. For example, why sometimes I do something that I know is not the best course of action or it is downright wrong?  More importantly, I was also very interested to know how to become a better person. Finally, after reading the books like the Bible, Malcolm Gladwell's, Blink, and others, a theory or a model of how an idea (unpacked message) produces action finally bubbled up to my conscious mind. I am not sure though if this model was already shown before by another author. Anyway, here it is.

Our brain is like a pacman; it gobbles “everything”. What we see, hear, feel, taste and smell is stored into our brain system. These go straight to the unconsciousness department, but those we focused upon go to the consciousness department. In the unconscious department nobody knows what is going on in there; it’s a room full of secrets and psychologists have no success unlocking it so far. The heart doesn’t necessarily refer to the fist-sized organ that pumps blood throughout our body, but to the system in your body that generates feelings and emotions.

Now, you can see why it’s dangerous to watch bad TV programs, movies and shows? The unspoken messages go straight to your unconsciousness and generate feelings. And do you know that you act most of the time based on your feelings than your thoughts? We are supposedly rational being, but most of our actions are not the product of our thinking; more often than not, these are the product of our feelings, and emotions.

This model looks simple, but very helpful in explaining our behavior, and in finding ways to improve it. In short, it helps me answer the questions that long fascinated me.

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