Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Weapons of the Enemy

Early this year, the Filipino boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao was scheduled to fight against the boxing world supervillain, Floyd Mayweather. The media, hardcore fans, and even casual fans were so excited to see the two boxing giants square it off in the ring. Unfortunately, Floyd made a demand – Olympic style blood testing – that Manny believe will put him at a disadvantage, so he declined to the demand. Soon Floyd’s camp fired salvos of accusation upon accusation to the camp of Pacquiao that he was on steroids or HGH (Human growth hormones). Both the boxing fans, and boxing professionals were divided, and both were at each other throat trying to force into the other’s gut that their opinion was the truth. Was Manny on steroids or HGH?

In number there is strength. And Satan knows this very well more than many of us realized. It will be much easier for him to break us down to commit sin if he can isolate us from other good Christians, and most especially from our God. (He will even tempt us into bad relationships to bring us down ever farther, you know.) So how he usually go about this? Accusation. He will accuse God before us. He will accuse our fellowmen before us or us before them. He will whisper accusations or even use other people close to you whose tongue is loose to accuse someone: “God is not a loving God! How can he allow your innocent child to die?” or “God does not answer prayers. How come you still have no work until now?” or “Your husband does not love you. How come he is late again?” or “Your friend is not a good friend. How come he rebuke you?” or “Your parents don’t understand you. They don’t want you to have fun.”

The truth is, we all belong to just one body with Jesus as the head. If one part of the body becomes sick or cancerous, the entire body will have to suffer. Maybe you can’t see it now, and that is what the devil wants you to believe. The devil’s accusation is designed to break a good relationship and create a barrier of indifference, to weaken faith and instill doubt, to destroy love and replace with hate. As children of God, we have to be careful with the accusations that will be brought before us. Teach yourself to ask these questions – “Is this true? Is there a solid evidence of the claim?” – before you accept a claim. And when act, act from the point of love, not from the point indifference or hate. After all, when you hurt someone especially a love one, you’re hurting yourself too. And more importantly, you’re also hurting the head of us all – Jesus.

PS1: Satan wants to divide and conquer. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of his evil plan or be a pawn of his attack. Guard your heart and mind.

PS2: Did Manny Pacquiao use HGH? I have to say that I don't know. However, I can also say that HGH is not very popular or common among the local Filipinos. STOP.

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