Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not One of Us can Create a Mt. Everest

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline.
-- Proverbs 1:7

Listening is the beginning of understanding, and learning. The reason why school is very effective in teaching our children is because the teachers somehow manage to get the respect and attention of our young ones. So whatever, Madaam Joy or Ms. Therese says, my daughter, Cybelle, believes and obliges. Why not? After one or more occasions when her teacher told her to punch the air much like a boxer shadowboxing as a disciplinary action, her teacher got her attention and she learned not to mess with her classmates anymore. We grown-ups can learn a thing or two from the young ones in this respect.

Everyday our blessings come without fail. This creates an illusion in our mind that we are self-reliant, and the more we believe in this lie, the lesser we need God in our life. And when we don't need God in our life, we loss our fear for Him. And when we loss our fear Him, we start ignoring Him. And when we start ignoring Him, we stop listening and talking to Him. And when we stop conversing with God, we become fools, despising wisdom and discipline.

Make no mistake, God can whip you, and wipe you out any time. Your millions-of-pesos house. Your excellent health. Your wonderful career. Your oodles of cash in the bank. Your beautiful family. Everything belongs to Him, we are just stewards, therefore He can take back all of these at his convenience. (Ask Job about it.)

We should fear God and treat Him with reverence. After all, not one of us can create a Mt. Everest or dig a Marianas Trench or light the Sun, but He can. That's awesome and fearsome, all in one breath! This way, like the children in school, we start learning...learning to live life the right way, in accordance to God's plan.

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